What is the deep web

What is the dark, deep web?

TOR is the most popular dark web network. It was created in the beginning of 21st century. “The Onion Routing Project” or TOR is practically the largest and the most stable of the dark webs. Like an onion layers of skin it has multiple layers of encryption.

There is nothing special about deep web. Routinely we scroll our bank websites, inputting id and password and some banks introduced additional level of authentication such as security code being sent by text message to the customer’s cell phone or to his/her personal email. Important thing is to identify with the same parameters your bank has in the system. It should be the same telephone number, the same email address.

Same level of protection is established for credit card account or department store card. Companies remember your IP address and if you did not clean your browser history your log in may be even easier without additional level of identification.

Dark web is used for positive or illicit activities. Whistleblowers, human rights advocates, free speech defenders, dissidents often cannot find safe enough media carrier without revealing their real identity. These people use dark net to bring the truth without being retaliated by the authorities in the countries with history of human rights problems. At the same time the dark web is used to hide the identity by the person involved in illegal activities. You may find offers to purchase stolen id cards, purchase credit cards, other fake or real documents. Human traffickers, drug dealers, identity thieves, illegal arms dealers, use dark web to obscure their identity, to hide their location, IP addresses through encrypted special browsers.

Many law enforcement agencies from different countries are trying to monitor dark web to catch or identify the perpetrators. Due to private features and different level of encryption this is not an easy task.

Recently, Roskomnadzor agency in Russia started blocking access to TOR resource which has resulted in different complains from free speech defenders, because some internet providers blocked the access to TOR. TOR obtained a huge popularity in Russia during last years. Russia has the biggest number of users followed by USA, Germany and Iran.

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