Myths of dark deep web

Myths and legends of the dark deep web

Since the dark web existed, there were reports and rumors of drug markets, human trafficking, and worse doing business on the secret corner of the web.

Which of them are true and which of them are the myths?

Silk Road

Silk Road is the name associated with the dark web. This infamous market, was ultimately shut down by the FBI due to the amount of drug trafficking it enabled. Silk Road is considered the first darknet market: the very first online store that allowed sales of illegal items in exchange for Bitcoin. At the time of its demise, more than 70% of items available through Silk Road were drugs, followed by fake driver’s licenses and pirated music and movies. Not everything on sale was illegal, and the website had strict rules against harmful materials and items.

Assassins on the dark web

One of the greatest myths about the dark web is that you can hire an assassin at a very affordable price. But no dark web search records were ever found of an actual hit attempt or assassin operating there. What was found? A network of dark web websites and individuals who accepted bitcoins in exchange for – absolutely nothing at all. Scammers were relying on the veil of mystery that the dark web inherently provided.

Other myths and facts

The media loves headline-making stories. Aside from the illegal items that ended up on sale, this part of the internet actually has limitations. For example, you can’t host a livestream there. So you won’t witness depravities and horrors while searching the dark web, although you might end up getting scammed and losing your money for a service or a product you’ll never get.

Not everything on the dark web is illegal, and using Tor and other browsers doesn’t expose you to any consequences. But as the dark web became more notorious, some countries began imposing restrictions. China and Russia has made Tor completely illegal due to the level of encryption it provides. Also, visitors of dark web sites are no longer completely anonymous, so a VPN would be required for increased protection.

All in all, the dark web continues to be a source of fascination for a lot of people.

Once the mysterious curtain is pulled open, all you’ll really be left with is Bitcoin and a community of scammers.

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