Staying safe on the hidden web

Staying safe and anonymous on the dark web

Dark web is not regulated and the content is not censored. In conjunction with interesting information exposing corruption in the top echelons your computer may be damaged by clicking on suspicious links, can be infected by viruses and your webcam will start spying after you without your knowledge.

If you browse the dark web be sure that your security and privacy protection software is updated. Do not use public Wi-Fi network. It should be a protected private network or a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

TOR Is a browser allowing you to keep online anonymity. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Once you downloaded this browser you may surf the dark web. You should not use your regular email address, because it could be easily traced to your real identity. The browser and other virus protection software should be kept up to date. The Hidden Wiki is a big directory providing links to different websites. It is considered as one of the most comprehensive resources on the dark web.

This servers are actually managed and operated by a number of volunteers from across the globe.

Additional networks include Riffle, I2P and Freenet.

Again, be careful what you click. It would add an additional layer of protection if you use a specially designated PC or device when browsing the dark net. Your main device will stay safe from attacks and rebooting the dedicated device will be easier.

The last but not the least- avoid doing payments on the dark web. Your credit card and your real identity could be easily hacked.

Enjoy browsing at your own risk, but do not partake in a criminal activity. Browse safely and responsibly and remember that even encrypted content may not be 100% safe or private.

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