🔥 Coast-to-coast cheap drugs? An investigation

This is an original investigative entry. Many dark web markets have been quick to capitalize on this opportunity, with one vendor even offering to drop ship a kilo of cocaine to your door for $20,000.

The vendor, who goes by the handle “Cocaine King,” is offering to deliver the cocaine anywhere in the US for a flat $20,000 price tag.

“Sell $20,000 dollars worth of cocaine and receive a free kilo of cocaine,” the vendor says.

Cocaine King says he will ship the kilo anywhere in the United States and will even include a set of scales in the package.

LEO interception

If the package is intercepted by law enforcement, Cocaine King will send a replacement kilo free of charge.

“We do not believe in playing games,” Cocaine King says. “We will not send replacements if we believe the [interdiction] was caused by bad luck.”

The dark web is a lawless place, and there’s no guarantee that Cocaine King will follow through on his promise. However, the vendor is currently receiving positive feedback from customers on the Reddit dark web forum.

Cocaine King also promises to never scam his customers and says he is working on other delivery methods that will be much less likely to be intercepted by law enforcement.

“We are currently working on further improving our delivery methods to ensure a 100% chance of delivery,” Cocaine King says.


Cocaine King’s prices are much lower than the street price of cocaine, but they aren’t particularly cheap.

According to the DEA, the street price for cocaine in the US is $50 to $80 per gram. A kilo of cocaine usually contains about 2.2 pounds of cocaine, or about 1000 grams.

That means Cocaine King’s prices are somewhere between the low- and mid-range of the street price.

Cocaine King says his customers so far have been extremely satisfied with the quality of his product.

“[They are] very happy with the product,” Cocaine King says. “In fact, so far all of our customers have been extremely satisfied with the quality of our cocaine.”

Cocaine King says his customers are so satisfied, in fact, that he is already receiving repeat orders.

“We have already received multiple repeat orders for various amounts of cocaine,” Cocaine King says.

“We have already received multiple repeat orders for various amounts of cocaine.”

Cocaine King says he is hoping to expand his business in the future and start a dark web drug empire.

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