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A (clearnet) deep web PP carding store is a website that sells stolen credit card numbers and identities. They operate in the deep web and only accept payment in Bitcoin or Monero.

People who want to buy their products usually create an account on the site and then proceed to order their desired products. Most of the products sold in the deep web carding scene include skimmed credit card details and BIN information.

Some of the products include the following:

  • Fullz information
  • Dumps + pin
  • High balance dumps
  • High balance pin
  • Track 1 + 2
  • Self-made dumps
  • Self-made pin

These are among the products that are sold in the deep web card stores for Bitcoin or Monero. Stolen credit card data is sold all year round, but it is more common during Christmas, when most people are buying stuff online.

Reliable Deep Web Carding Store

There are several deep web carding stores that sell credit card data, but they are not all legit. Some of them are scams.

Here is one such deep web carding stores that is fully-legit and worth checking out.

PP Transfers

PP Transfers is a well-known deep web carding store. It sells credit card numbers with CVV, BIN and expiration date. They also sell dumps with pin and bank accounts with pin. The website is very simple, but it is easy to navigate.

Please note that it is illegal to purchase stolen credit card information and could land you in jail. But as long as you maintain these simple anonymity tips, you should be fine.

Here are some of their (old) prices:

  • Cvv with balance: $5
  • Cvv with balance and dob: $10
  • Dumps with pin: $12
  • Dumps with pin and dob: $20

And so on.

We highly recommend you check out the site and see for yourself. The prices and products vary for different shoppers.

PP Transfers is a good place to purchase your stolen credit card details, but there are other sites out there.

How to Use PP Transfers

On the homepage, you can see a list of all the products they sell. On the right side of the page, you will see the price of each product. You can then click on the product you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout.

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